The Project
Scope of the project
The development of projects utilizing Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is a key pillar of the energy policy of the European Union and one of the most promising energy goals of our country. At the same time the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity conservation are essential obligation of the European and National Environmental Policy, constituting in fact crucial investment for the future of life on the planet. In this spirit, our country seeks penetration of RES in the energy balance by stimulating the growth and in particular the development of projects utilizing wind energy potential always with the simultaneous protection and conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.This innovative LIFE project aims to a demonstrative application of high importance technologies during the operation of wind projects to reduce impacts on biodiversity.
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Main Activities
The innovative project "Demonstrating Best Practices designed to reduce the effects of wind farms on Biodiversity in Greece", aimed at implementing advanced technologies during the operation of wind farms to limit the impact on biodiversity.
The project demonstration actions will be implemented at the Wind farm and the Park of Energy Awareness (PENA) of CRES at Keratea, the only demonstration wind farm in the country, which provides practical education and training on renewable energy sources and their applications to university students, engineers and other stakeholders in Greece and abroad.
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Background Information
In recent years, an accumulating amount of international research and operational experience in the sitting and operation of wind farms has aimed to reduce the impacts of wind farms on biodiversity.
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Project Milestones
The project mainly includes 16 stages.
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Project Results
The Assessment of the efficiency and the benefits of the systems in term of reducing bird and bats mortality after the implementation of mitigation measures, the Estimation of energy production reduction due to implementation of collision risk mitigation measures; the
Production of a Good Practice Guide providing detailed information, guidelines, methodologies for implementation of measures of reducing the impact of wind farms on biodiversity in potential new and existing wind farms in Greece and eastern Mediterranean, the Production of a Decision Support Tool - a GIS based tool for assisting meaningful decisions regarding planning and operation of wind farms in Greece, based on wind farm characteristics entered by users and existing geographical and ecological info for the site are some of the expected results of the project.
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