Project`s Presentations- Meeting at PENA
Project`s Presentations- Meeting at PENA, 11-06-2014
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The leaflet of the project
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Project Meeting- February 2015
On February 25, 2015 the second meeting of the project is implemented in order to discuss the progress and the organization of the work. The meeting took place in the Park of Energy Awareness- CRES Wind Farm in Keratea.
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Meeting Presentations-February 2015
Within the meeting the progress of the project and the future work were discussed and presented.
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Project Workshop, CRES Demonstration Wind Farm, 22-12-2015
Within the workshop the objectives and the implementation progress of the project were presented. The participants were informed on the guidelines of the European and Greek legislation on the siting of wind farms within the network Natura 2000, and on the early warning systems and risk reduction impact of fly fauna in wind farms. The participants also informed on the assessment of the impact on the energy production of a wind farm from the operation of early warning systems. Finally, a demonstration of various sub-systems (ornithological radar system, automated optical systems, thermal remote sensing, monitoring bats) for the monitoring and protection of fly fauna in wind farms were performed and the participants had the opportunity to understand their operation. ╔n the meeting the representatives of the projectós Advisory Committee from the PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION RENEWABLES S.A., TERNA S.A., WWF, HELLENIC WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION (HWEA), C. ROKAS S.A., JASPER WIND S.A. and the UNIVERSITY OF CRETE–NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, were invited.
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