Main Activities
Main Activities
The project demonstration actions will be implemented at PENA demonstration wind farm site of CRES, the only demonstration wind farm in the country, which provides practical education and training for wind farm and renewable energy issues in university students, engineers and other stakeholders in Greece.

The following actions are foreseen:
(A) Implementation of actions for demonstration of state of the art approaches on mitigation measures for local biodiversity and monitoring of the efficiency of these systems in the special habitat conditions of Greece with innovative methods, such as the use of High Definition bird detection cameras, linked with the wind farm Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), as well as a Mobile Avian Laboratory, equipped with conventional and innovative (e.g. radar, thermal cameras, bat detectors) survey equipment.

(B) Implementation of actions for the assessment of the effect of mitigation measures on wind energy production of the project demonstration wind farm.

(C) Planning and implementation of a well-focused project communication campaign, including the production of info material (leaflets, informative brochures, layman’s report), public awareness events, project workshops and an international symposium

(D) Production of a Good Practice Guide and a Decision Support Tool, for strategic and effective planning and implementation of wind farm development, compatible with biodiversity.

(E) A series of training seminars for competent authority and wind farm developer staff on the proper use of biodiversity mitigation technologies, and in situ practical laboratories for their demonstration.

(F) A project Advisory Committee will be established involving strategically selected stakeholders, to facilitate the project operation and the dissemination of its outputs.