The activities have been implemented within the project until today concerns with
- Test-preparation of the radar system and early warning systems with the use of cameras from the project team.
- Contacts with external consultancy company which will contribute to the selection of equipment and data analysis.
- Accomplishment of extra-night survey - recordings during bird migration period (May-April) in order to ascertain the capabilities of the equipment and capabilities of surveying and collecting interesting data about the movement and the circulation of various birds in the park. Also, continues the collection of data on the topography and meteorological data for the region of interest in PENA demonstration park.
- Contacts with companies , ROKAS, JASPER, PPCR and ELETAEN for the designation of representatives for the advisory group, which is planned to operate within the implementation of the project. These companies have supported the project from the beginning, and responded with great interest and great willingness to the invitation of the working group.